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We provide opportunities for our volunteers to work directly with our clients to solve real challenges facing their business. In doing so, our volunteers build their skill sets beyond the academic and help them prepare for a career in business. We work with a diverse set of companies, including top ten pharma firms, biotechs, seed-funded health tech startups and patient advocacy organizations.

Why volunteer at

The Solution Lab?

  1. Learn to structure business problems
  2. Build client relationships
  3. Work with smart, interesting people with diverse backgrounds
  4. Acquire valuable consulting skills
  5. Be part of a community of people who are learning together
- Volunteer Testimonials -

TSL offers real-world consulting projects. My first one was with a Top 5 Pharmaceutical client who was interested in novel technologies - it was a great combination of deep scientific expertise in a business context. The team was great and I learned so much.

Former PhD student, currently working at Navigant Consulting

TSL has allowed me to utilize my knowledge of pharmacokinetics to provide big pharma with novel product repurposing ideas. It was a great experience to leverage my PharmD expertise to assist with product research and development.

Former Pharmacy Intern, currently working at HMO VNSNY

We explored ways to better utilize a big pharma’s scientific assets and capabilities. It turned out that the best thing to do was to divest a subsidiary and shortly after our project ended, that’s exactly what they did! So rewarding to see our project work in the news.

Former Genetics postdoc, currently working at McKinsey and Company

It was definitely a challenging semester but when I look back on it I have only very positive memories. I not only learned a lot about the subject matter but also how to conduct client meetings and how to lead a team. It was a tremendous learning experience and I appreciate all the help you gave me over the course of the project.

MBA student, currently working at Goldman Sachs

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